Katsel Tsi Chen Cho Kyi Ling "Center of Great Compassion"  

About Katsel Meditation Tampa

Katsel Meditation Tampa is a Buddhist Meditation center in Tampa Bay, Florida, dedicated to the traditional study and practice of The Buddha’s Teachings.  We are a Buddhist Meditation Organization in Hillsborough County open to everyone in the community.  Our center is part of the Glorious Drikung Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and a branch of Katsel Monastery in Tibet. 

​Our mission is to maintain, honor, preserve and spread the traditional teachings of the Buddha. In addition Katsel Meditation Tampa wishes to provide a spiritual sanctuary for people to cultivate a peaceful mind through meditation practices and good ethical conduct.

​ The Lamas and Rinpoches (Teachers) of our tradition of Buddhism gave our center a name and purpose. Katsel Meditation Tampa was born and named Drikung Katsel Tsi Chen Cho Kyi Ling which means “The Center of Great Compassion”.


Katsel Meditation Tampa

Chenrezig, The Boddhisattva of Compassion