Chenrezig, The Boddhisattva of Compassion 

Katsel Meditation Tampa

Katsel Tsi Chen Cho Kyi Ling "Center of Great Compassion"  

About Katsel Meditation Tampa

Katsel Meditation Tampa is a Buddhist Meditation center in Tampa Bay, Florida, dedicated to the traditional study and practice of The Buddha’s Teachings.  We are a Buddhist Meditation Organization in Hillsborough County open to everyone in the community.  Our center is part of the Glorious Drikung Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and a branch of Katsel Monastery in Tibet. 

​Our mission is to maintain, honor, preserve and spread the traditional teachings of the Buddha. In addition Katsel Meditation Tampa wishes to provide a spiritual sanctuary for people to cultivate a peaceful mind through meditation practices and good ethical conduct.

​ The Lamas and Rinpoches (Teachers) of our tradition of Buddhism gave our center a name and purpose. Katsel Meditation Tampa was born and named Drikung Katsel Tsi Chen Cho Kyi Ling which means “The Center of Great Compassion”.